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Ñ! magazine

A semi-annual publication crafted by students of Spanish as a Second Language at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan

How it works

Our framework is built on 3 key pillars: Create, Curate, and Connect. Each pillar strenthens as you gain experience and skills.


a Class Mag copy or launch your own!


relevant and properly licensed content


with peers and community partners.

My Class Mag is for you!

EDUCATORS looking to

work with learners on a project

incorporate fresh materials

broaden their impact

SCHOOLS wanting to

personalize learning experiences

create leadership opportunties

engage school community

DISTRICTS striving to

develop equitable practices

empower educators as creative professionals

reallocate funds to high impact initiatives

What Educators Are Saying

A project like this will allow all students in our classroom to use both language and non-language related skills. It creates an authentic purpose for writing and creating content, which will also have an impact in student motivation and learning.

Dr. Sandra Soto

Workshop Attendee

Workshop Attendee

The opportunity to edit the template and use it for ourselves is invaluable…

I love all the possibilities that this tool might bring into our classroom.

A specific tool that we can easily integrate into all our classes… 

I got everything I need to start working on a magazine right away.

Workshop Attendee

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