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My Class Mag offers fun, interactive courses for students who want to showcase their interests. 

 Digital courses are offered on the Outschool platform. Why Outschool? Because all educators must pass background checks and deliver lives sessions which are automatically recorded. Plus parents and students leave reviews – all of which ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for learners. 

 New to Outschool? All of the links on this page will automatically give new Outschool users a $20 credit towards one class – that’s enough to take the ORGANIZE workshop for free!

Close to the Brighton, Michigan area and are interested in an in-person workshop? Contact Deborah at to organize a group event!

PUBLISH e-zines

Create an Interactive, Digital Magazine Using Google Slides

Do you want to present your art, publish your short stories, or share your projects with others? Design and create a multimedia digital magazine using Google Slides!

In this 4-session course, students will design a digital magazine, learn key digital skills to create new publishing projects, and work collaboratively to create entertaining and educational magazines.

Schedule: Flexible
Price: $50 per student
Special price for groups

ORGANIZE boot camp

Organize Your Application Samples: A hands-on boot camp for early high schoolers!

Start collecting the right extra- curricular and academic samples now so you stand out when applying for colleges, scholarships, and first jobs.

In this 1-session workshop, students will create an organizational system that can grow with them throughout high school, college, and future careers. Students will make connections between samples (like a digital magazine!) and application tasks.

Schedule: 90 minutes 
Price: $20 per student
Special price for groups

Creating a portfolio was something that I’d always known that I had to do because it would be very helpful for my career, but I’d never gotten around to do so. I didn’t know where to start or what to include. The Career Organization Boot Camp really taught me where to begin and gave me that push that I needed to finally do so. Now, not only I know how to start my portfolio, but I also know how to keep up with it effortlessly for the years to come because of the “hands-on” system in which the Boot Camp is set up. I strongly believe that the Career Organization Boot Camp will help other students feel more confident about the process of building their careers, as it did for me.


Organize student

This was an excellent class. My 17-year-old daughter and I took it together, and I would highly recommend it for high schoolers and their parents. The content is useful for the college application process, scholarship applications, and even for job applications for after-school jobs and entry level jobs after high school. Deborah… takes students through a review of their past activities, skills, and responsibilities, shows them how to present those accomplishments on applications and in interviews, and teaches them an organizational system that can evolve and grow with them throughout college and during their future careers. My daughter said this workshop was very useful as her school guidance department hasn’t taught them anything like this. We expect it to make the college and scholarship application process much less overwhelming as she’ll have all the legwork done already and will just need to take the information we have compiled and work it into the applications. Thank you, Deborah, for such a hands-on, useful workshop.


Parent of Organize student